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Cross-Country U.S.A.

For this activity you will travel across the United States from Washington D.C. to California. You'll visit one interesting place in each State on the trip and answer questions along the way.

You will need a copy of the questions and answer sheet. Click on the cross-country icon to open the document. After opening the document, print it.

For help finding the answers to the questions launch your Internet browser and search on the sites listed below. During your trip across the country you will need to send letters home using e-mail too.

Have a great trip!

  • If you need help finding out what Pennsylvania town is home of the world-famous forecasting groundhog, you can visit

  • If you can't find out why Spruce Knob is famous is West Virginia, you can visit and type in the key words "Spruce Knob" to see what you find.

  • If you need help finding out what sport is honored with a festival in Canton, visit here

  • Need help find out how many children Squire Boone had? Check this site and then click "About Squire Boone".

  • To find out what Lincoln's dog's name was, check here and take a tour of Lincolns home too!
    (I think the dog liked the sitting room the best!)

Letter writing time!

Take some time to write an e-mail to a family member telling them all about your trip so far!

Or, if that web site doesn't help you, you can check here.! Do your search in one of two ways:

  • Under the Science and Math heading, click on "Animals". On the next screen, find "Turtles" on the list and click on it. Twelve sites will be listed alphabetically, but you'll want to click on the first one titled, "Desert Tortoise".

  • OR you can type "desert tortoise" in the search box on the very first KidsClick! screen and then click the Search Button. Two sites should be listed. One of those should give you information about desert tortoises. You figure out which one!

Time to write another e-mail! This time, send a letter home to one of your friends. Make sure to tell them all about the things you are learning.

  • If you need help finding out the color of the Golden Gate Bridge, be sure to take the Bridge Walk on this site,

  • Click on the green "Start the Bridge Walk" link. A pop-up window will appear.

  • Click on "walk forward" below the picture to get started. Now enjoy the trip by using other links to look up and down and continue forward across the bridge.

  • Be sure to go up to the top before you end the walk.

WOW what a trip…you're almost done! Visit Yahoo and start the calculations.

  • Click on the "Driving Directions" link on the left side of the page to get to the page we want.

  • In the "City, State, or Zip" box under #1 (starting address), type "San Francisco, CA". Leave the other boxes blank

  • In the same box under #2 (destination address), type "Washington D.C.". Leave the other boxes blank.

  • Click on "Get Directions".


Carlisle Acadamy